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I usually keep projects to around 6m or so in length. This size is generally to within my affordability and is easily handled by one person - me, without having to bring in an army of volunteers to get off the ground and stow away at the end of the day.
This size is also easily managed under a domestic sewing machine, so again, comes under the economics umbrella.
Keeping within this rough limit also has another advantage, it allows the inflatables to be close at hand, but also within a safe distance for festival goers:
so there's opportunites for people to get up close and personal, but again being further enough away to be out of harms way.

Unfortunately, it has been bought to my attention that some of my images have been used by unscrupulous overseas kite manufacturers, however, if you would like an unadultured image, please contact me and I will be happy to help.


Created 2005. Approximatly 6m in length. Design method: all on paper - took months and a lot of calculator work.
Since his creation I have shortened his neck and altered his air inlet and changed the bridling a little.
Dino is designed to sit off his lifter so that his feet touch the ground, but he does get airborne on rare occasions.
Created 2008. Approximatly 6m in length
Felix was mostly created in 3d software with the exception of his hands, feet and eyes. He inflates really well with few wrinkles and the cartoon character shape was a good learning excersize.

Finally stage 1 of a series has been completed. I drew up the designs in 2010, but with a new house and other things - it never happened. But started sewing in September 2010 and finally finished Earth, April 2011. Astronauts finised late November 2012 - They look great together and very pleased with how they all turned out.
The astronauts are now available through PLK Kites in NewZealand.