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Pages will be undergoing some changes over the next long while (as I get around to it....)

Ground Dwellers

Created 2008 (I think). The first item I created using 3d, it works but it doesnt. The spider is recognisable, but wow, must've been eating too many ladybirds I think.

Created 2008. A friends whacky idea that didn't quite work as intended (and I was running out of green fabric). It is an idea that still holds promise especially while I can still envisage the vege patch on the beach.
A redesign and lettuce is all that is needed.

Dimensions: Small 1.2m long, Large 1.8m long

Created in 2009, they have proved to be a popular little item, specially on QLD beaches where turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

I hope to have a variation of these for sale soon, but it will be the larger turtles only.

Created 2009. The car is based on a Porche Spyder and is an idea that woke me up in the middle of the night.
There is a hole in the middle of the car (the driver gets 'in' from underneath) and then I give the driver a steering wheel to hang on to. The car has been really successful and caused quite a sensation on it's first 'drive' and I'm pleased to say has been picked up by Peter Lynn Kites for resale. There are a few KYT09's around the world now. It was a pretty silly idea that worked extroardinarily well and brings a lot of laughs wherever it goes. (1st pic is me and the 2nd pic Noel Moody, the organiser of the Coolum Kite Festival)